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Baby Accessories

All MAM products are renowned for its technical innovation, medical advances and practical design. But above all else, our products are designed to cope with the dynamics of everyday baby life.

Things will inevitably get lost from time to time. The good news is, this is not a problem as baby accessories can be easily purchased here for replacement.

We have a wide selection of baby accessories for your MAM bottles, cups and pacifiers.

We have the MAM Teat with its unique silky SkinSoft surface available for different age groups, Extra Bottle Soft Spout, Anti-Colic Valve, Hold my Bottle Handles and Soft Brush for your MAM bottles. Our individual Extra Soft Cup Spouts are for your MAM Cups and the replacement Pacifier Clip It! for your MAM pacifier. Choose from our Milk Powder Box, Microwave Steam Steriliser and MAM Bag for your additional baby needs.

All MAM individual parts are for use at home and for on the go.
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