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Baby Feeding

Eating independently is an exciting developmental step for babies. Thanks to the unique MAM teamwork with medical experts, the design and material of our baby feeding products match precisely their abilities and learning behaviours. Feeding baby is not only convenient for parents, but it also helps babies gain confidence as they eat more on their own.

The MAM Dipper Set is developed for babies who cannot scoop food yet on their own. The MAM Feeding Spoons & Cover is a two-step concept where the long spoon is for parents and babies to hold together and the short spoon is designed for holding on their own. The MAM Baby Cutlery Set includes a spoon, a knife with a safe cutting blade and a fork with gently-pointed tines.

Our bowls have special functions designed to make feeding baby and teaching them to eat independently a successful and fun experience. The MAM Feeding Bowl is easy to hold and has two compartments for different meals. The MAM Snack Box with protective ring prevents snacks from falling out of the container. The MAM Baby's Bowl & Plate has non-slip bottoms that help babies as they learn to eat.

All our baby feeding products are safe and convenient to use with bright colors and shapes to encourage babies to eat on their own.
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